Drift Pins

Drift pin is a tool used for localizing a hammer blow.

The two ‘nutted’ drift pins on the left have had ½ nuts welded to the end.

Three reasons for this: 

  1. These are to be used with the ‘Drift Pin Jacking Tool’ (5.04 Drift Pin (Hydraulic) Jacking Tool)
  2. Divers can use an impact wrench to help ‘drift’ the pin into the flange hole. 
  3. If they become stuck, Divers can use a come-a-long can be used to help dislodge the pin from the hole. 
  4. Always double-check that the Drift Pins are suitable for the job. That means that they are not machined from stainless steel, that they are of the correct length & that they are of the correct diameter for the flange hole. 

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